Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seriously Slacking Already?

I know I am fully slacking on this blog already. In fairness I did move to another state, but still no more slacking on my part. Here is a quick update about what has been going on lately.

I'm officially moved into New York. I moved during 4th of July weekend, which everyone said was nuts. I packed up early in the morning and headed out. My room is officially a guest room again in MA!

 The room when it was my room!

 Moving Process, disaster area

Guest room!!This room was never really my room anyways so I'm not sad about it. Moving for me isn't usually emotional. I love change and have the tendency to move my room around a few times a year.

Finally I got to New York and got to spend my first weekend with this cutie!!

Bella! So adorable, except when she eats all my food haha, but in reality shes pretty cute then too!

 She's a newfoundland...aka shes huge!!

Ah! So cute!

I got to watch a couple of sets of fireworks for the 4th which I was so excited about because I love fireworks! We were sitting on the water and got to see them from the yacht club next door, across the water in long island, and then some from the city.

Happy 4th of July!!

After the first weekend it got to serious job searching. It's a slow work in progress, but going alright so far. I'll leave it at that haha. In the middle of my job hunt, I did get to see my brother in the city. He was on vacation from work in Arizona, and met me in the city. We walked over to Chelsea Piers and sat on the water at the Frying Pan! Awesome view!

Such a great day, and love that I can get into NYC so easily now.

I've been in training for triathlons, 5k's, and 1/2 marathons. More of an update on that tomorrow and about my weekend at the Cape to surprise my mom for her birthday!

Thanks for checking in, and I promise no more slacking!

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  1. Welcome to NYC! Hope you are loving it despite the heat wave :)