About Amy

Thanks for stopping by and checking out New York Running! There are a few things you need to know about me to understand this blog and the crazy posts I put up.

I'm a beginner runner. I started a blog during my senior year of college after I ran my first half marathon (October 2009). I fell in love with running after that race, even though it was pretty miserable. I spent my senior year running and blogging and loved it. I graduated from college (yay!), moved home (boo), and quickly found a job (double yay!!). 

Graduation Day

Long story short, life got in the way of both blogging and running. I started to get back into running January 2011 to get ready for a half marathon that May. The half didn't go exactly as I had hoped, but it did get me slowly back into the swing of things with running. I realized how much I missed both running and blogging.  

New York Runner hasn't always been from New York. I was born in Chicago! I lived tehre until I was 11 and then moved to Boston! I spent 4 years living in Connecticut  when I went to Quinnipiac University. I was back again in Boston for a year after graduation, until finally landing in New York in July of 2011.

Boston Love

There are many things I love: All things beach or pool related. California. Pilates. Flip Flops. Summer Running. Fall Running. Iced Coffee. Margaritas. Cupcakes. Lululemon. Puppies. 

Nothing better than a post race margarita

There are also three things I hate: Snakes. Mustard. Eyeballs (I even hate the word). 

I have a bf who is pretty cool. He lives on Long Island and has his own blog. We met through mutual friends randomly about 2 days after I graduated from college. I like to take credit for all his hard work getting into racing, but he did just about all of it on his own. He also lost 95 pounds in the process, which now makes him skinnier than me. He loses points for that, but most days I'm nice enough to let that slide. 

I am an Assistant Director of Admissions at a college. I have big plans to get my masters and move up in the world of Admissions some day. 

Running does not come easy to me. I struggle every time I go out for a run and constantly have to remind myself that sometimes it means enough that I went out and ran. 

I have no other fun facts about myself. Thank you for stopping by!