Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

I can't believe this weekend is already such a blur. As I'm trying to think of everything I did I know I'm going to leave something out. It was my last official weekend living here and unfortunately it rained most of the weekend, or else I would of spent every second by the pool.

Friday was a day off from work.  Every summer they do "summer Fridays," which basically just means nobody is on campus and the weeks get really long without everyone around, so we have Friday off. I still ended up going in Friday morning but had things to do so it was fine. After that I ran errands and got lots of Starbucks because I got gift card :)

Ahh..Love <3

Saturday was a day of shopping with my mom in a town near by. I had a gift card to a running store around there so I bought two running zip-ups for colder weather that I love!!! There weren't any shirts that I liked that I could wear in the summer. The running tank-tops never seem to be long enough on me so I'm always searching for longer ones, usually coming up empty handed. Lululemon, which I love but is not even close to being in my budget, has the best long running tops. I had looked up stores around where we were going and was surprised to find that lululemon was there! I was so excited only to get there and find out the store was closed. Fail. Still a fun day though. That night I went to one of my favorite dinner places on the beach.

Lime Rickeys!

Love the beach!!!

Sunday morning it was sunny for a few hours so I got ready and went over to my pool!
I stayed as long as I possibly could, (which was long enough to enjoy my favorite lobster roll lunch!) until the clouds completely took over and I went back inside. I spent the rest of the day finishing my book that I started that morning at the pool, James Patterson book that I loved!

Overall successful last weekend home. I have done zero packing haha and very little running thanks to the lack of sun. This week I plan to do lots of both before I leave on Friday!

Happy Monday!!

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