Thursday, August 11, 2011

Triathlon Weekend

Saturday I will be partaking in my first triathlon! TriRock New York !! It is a sprint triathlon, .5 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. I'm feeling ok as of now, but wish I was a little more confident going into the race. I am doing another triathlon the end of September, so mostly I'm looking at this race as my practice for that one.

I have many goals for each of these stages and a few over all goals for this race.

For the swim: .5 Miles
First of all, I've decided not to get a wetsuit, mostly because they cost an insane amount that I don't want to spend just to swim a few times. The water will more than likely be cold, my hope is that it's just not freezing and I think I will be ok. I also have never really swam in the ocean, so yeah that should be interesting.
Goal A: Finish in 15-20 mins
Goal B: 20-25 mins
Goal C: Under 30 mins
Goal D: Don't drown!

For the bike: 15 Miles
Oddly enough, the bike is what I feel most comfortable with at the moment. When I first started biking more I was nervous and uncomfortable all the time. Then I bought myself a pair of bike shorts, got a little more use to left turns, and started to get faster. I'm hoping my bike will be the best of all my events on Saturday.
Goal A: Under an Hour
Goal B: 1 Hour
Goal C: 1 Hour 5 mins
Goal D: Don't fall off the bike and make it to the run.

For the run: 3.1 Miles
I feel like at this point I'll more than likely be exhausted and in no mood to run 3 miles. I also don't get to listen to music, so I admit I'm not looking forward to this part of the race at all. However, I'll suck it up and do it because really there is no choice haha.
Goal A: 30 Mins
Goal B: 35 Mins
Goal C: 40 Mins
Goal D: 45 Mins/ Don't pass out

Overall Goals for the Triathlon
Goal A: 1 Hour 50 Mins
Goal B: 2 Hours
Goal C: 2 Hours 10 Mins
Goal D: any amount of time

So there it is, all my goals for Saturday. I am nervous, but optimistic that all will go well! Friday night Paul and I are going into the city to pick up our race packets and get dinner. Early to bed Friday night and up early for the drive Saturday morning!

Fingers crossed! :)


  1. Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Also, a meetup is DEFINITELY in order... will touch base after your race this weekend.

    Last minute, but if you're free, I'm meeting up with a bunch of bloggers tonight at Ali's fundraising event for Jackrabbit?

  2. Thank you!! Sorry I missed last night, next time a bunch of you guys are meeting up I'll be there!