Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yankee Stadium 5k Run

Sunday morning I, along with Paul and his brother, and about 4,000 other people, ran through Yankee Stadium. Being a Red Sox fan I wasn't sure how much I'd actually enjoy this run. I did not wear a Red Sox shirt cause I didn't feel like getting in fights with people while running, and my boyfriend said he would basically disown me if I wore one. I did however find this man who was wearing a Red Sox shirt, and I followed him all the way to the stadium.

Woohoo!! Red Sox!!!

We got to the stadium and waited outside in the ridiculous heat to go in and stand and wait again. I get really antsy before races usually and just want them to start. I saw two of my friends finish right before we started and was so excited they stayed until the end so I could see them! They were also nice enough to take a ton of pictures of us during the race.

Paul and I waiting to go in before the race!

Before it started some guy with a megaphone gave us what was possibly the most confusing instructions of my life. We had to go left and if it was our first loop stay right, there was something about really sharp turns in certain places, stairs, more lefts if first loop or stay to the right and etc... He finished it up with saying the course was well marked so I forgot everything he said before that point. We ran two laps around the first level and then some how went through tunnels to get downstairs to where the players usually hang out and come out on to the field from. Then we got to run two laps around the warning track, which I will admit was pretty cool.

 They put a camera on the field while you were running, and when you ran by you were on the jumbo tron which was awesome. You can't totally  tell but Paul and I are on it in the corner in this picture!

 Paul, Justin, and I at home plate!

 Inside the stadium!

Paul and Justin

Boo Yankees!  hahaa

More inside the stadium!

I should not take pictures while running, but I wanted one haha

After our two laps around the warning track we ran inside and it was time for the stairs. The stairs wouldn't have been that bad if we didn't have to do them all twice. We went up I can't even remember how many stairs to the upper levels of the stadium and ran around there. Then we ran down some tunnel all the way down to the first level and back up all the stairs again to the upper levels. Finally we ran down to the first floor and finished!

Yayy!! All done! We got our medals, bags, and t-shirts and went outside to see Beckie and Parker!
 So glad we got to see them!

 All done with our medals!

The medal! My favorite part of races haha

I will say I had a great time at Yankee Stadium, which was NOT expected at all. I also found out while running in there that they have a Johnny Rockets inside. I told Paul we could go back for a game as long as I sat somewhere near Johnny Rockets :) The stadium was very nice and the whole race was organized well in my opinion. I was worried at the beginning listening to the directions, but they had signs along the course telling you which way to go and plenty of water stops, which was great in the heat!

Overall successful 5k and I will definitely run again next year! I'll post more pictures from the day when they show up on the 5k website. Now back to finishing up training for the triathlon this weekend!!!

Oh and on a side note...I accepted a new job and will talk all about it after I start, but I am very excited about it :)


  1. Congrats on the race! That sounds like a fun one.

    Also, I'd bet that next year you're fine wearing a Red Sox shirt if you want... runners are nicer than crazy baseball fans :)

  2. Thank you Laura! It was a lot of fun, and I do plan to wear my Sox shirt next year :)