Friday, June 17, 2011

A background story for you

I started writing a blog over a year and a half ago. It went well for a while and I loved it. Then I graduated college, life changed, running slowed way down, and blogging completely came to a hault. No complaints on why I was so busy (working, traveling etc.), but I did miss the blogging and the running. I started running more last January training for a half- marathon. I realized I had missed blogging after my runs, and because I was getting back into my training again I thought maybe I should get back into my posting.

Every time I went to sit down and write a new post on the old blog something came up, or I got lazy, and nothing ever came from it. The half-marathon came and went (15 minutes faster than my first one, still pretty painful) and I had done zero posts. I then started planning more races and decided this time I actually was going to start up my blogging at the start of my training for my races.

The completely new blog came from the fact that I' m moving (ahhh 16 days!) to New York. So between my training and running around getting things done, life has become a little crazy. I'm pretty excited about it all and decided new start in a new state also could mean brand new blog! 

I hope you enjoy reading all about my training and figuring out life and running routes in a new state!

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