Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The past 3 or 4 days have been full of moving. Over the weekend 1/2 of my room was moved out and into storage so that the room can really be a guest room/office. I cleaned a ton of my crap out of storage too that I've been holding onto forever for no reason.  Then today was moving day at work! Not too exciting for me I just got a new desk, which I'm only keeping for the next 2 weeks that I will be there. Still exciting to see everyone else moving.

On to the races! For the most part, when I'm training for a race I keep on track of my workouts more than if I'm not. The first race is the Yankee 5k run for cancer research. Now I am less than thrilled that this is a run through Yankee Stadium, and would clearly rather it be at Fenway, but oh well. I think running through any baseball stadium will be fun, minus the stairs that I'm told I have to run up at some point. It's August 7th and you have to raise at least $60 to participate on top of paying $40. Seems a little much but I'm all paid for and have all my money raised so I'm ready to go.

Race number 2 is a triathlon (my first) on Sept 25 on Long Island. Swim .5 miles, Bike 9 miles, Run 3.1 miles. Doesn't seem too complicated but we'll see haha. My worry currently is I need to find a place to swim. I know I can do the distance for the swim but I want to get in the water and get use to it. The bike and run I'm not worried about, only worried putting them together and adding a swim.

The final race...which also may be my worst idea ever...is Oct 13 and it is another 1/2 Marathon. This is the same race that I did 2 years ago (which I can't believe was 2 years ago) in Newport, Rhode Island. My idea behind adding this race, besides wanting to do it, is that I'm already training for races so why not just keep on training. We'll see how well my logic works out for me in the end.

So those are my races. I have my training plan all set up and color coordinated, which I will post at some point soon. After looking at all this I think I should stop writing and go run.

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