Friday, June 17, 2011

A Year In Review

So the last time I posted on my old blog was right after graduation. I figured I'd catch up everyone on what I've been doing this past year.

Post graduation I moved home. The first weekend home I went to a Sox game with Carolyn!!


About a week later I got two jobs, one waitressing and the other working in the finance department of a high school near me. My "summer" job while I was looking for another job turned into a permanent position. It's been an interesting year there but has been great overall. I spent most of my summer either working one of the two jobs, driving to or from New York, or sitting right here...

The end of the summer I got my brand new car! If you saw my old one you know just how exciting this was for me haha.

Fall came along with a Red Sox/Yankee's double header and my temporary brown hair...

(Yes my fall was that boring that this was the highlight of it).

The brown hair was gone on Christmas Eve right after going to see The Nutcracker with my mom and brother!

Christmas Day I was off to VEGAS!!!!!

New York, New York Hotel

Soo much fun!!

I got to spend some quality time with my bff for her birthday in February!!!

I went to more hockey games in a two month span than I had ever in my life ( I also became a fan of hockey haha). Somewhere around here I did a 5k. Everything is starting to all blur together now.

I was in Arizona visiting my brother in May!

Had a great time, and no I cannot tell you why it says this picture was taken in January of 2010.

Then the next weekend I did the half-marathon. It rained...again...seems like every time I run one of these things it pours. Because of the rain I have zero pictures, I didn't want to risk my iphone in the rain and the website has some picture issues.

I got to see one of my other bffs for memorial day!! Sadly no pictures of this either. For now I'm finishing up work and getting ready to pack and move. I'm moving a ton of crap in my room this weekend to turn it back into an actual "guest room" and not "Amy's room" haha. I can't believe I move so soon!

So that was my year since my last post, a lot of up's and down's, but always a good time when looking back.

Updates soon on my race plans coming up, I have 3 that I'm getting ready for :o 

Happy Friday!!!!!!! :)

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