Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 am is too early for anything

This morning I got myself out of bed at 5 am on the nose and happily got dressed and ran down the street to the track for a track workout. Ok....that's crap. My morning really went something like this.

5am: Alarm goes off. Still half asleep, I throw the phone to Paul to make the alarm stop.

5:01 am: I begin to be poked to get up. Repeatedly poked. I finally realize why at 5 am the alarm is going off. Tell myself over and over that I really do like track workouts and to just get up. I instead beg Paul to let me sleep for just 1 more minute. An argument then begins about what 1 more minute will do for me.

5:03 am: After my extra two minutes of sleep, Paul starts poking and arguing again to get me out of bed. In my mind I keep thinking "just get up, once you are up it will be ok". The bed is so warm though and I know it's cold out. I lay there quietly and hope that Paul forgets about my craziness of the track workout and falls back asleep.

5:05 am: Paul finally got smart and decided the best way to get me up is to literally push me right out of bed. More yelling from me about this ridiculousness and then I was up and moving, sort of.

5:15 am: I am at the track. I successfully got dressed (some what properly for the weather), had water, my watch, and music. You can't ask for too much more from me at 5:15 am.

I did a warm up run a little to get myself awake enough and then started my track workout. I've been having a lot of issues the past week or two with my hip, I know, I'm an old lady. Today was no different, except my right knee decided to join in with my hip. We aren't going to talk anymore about this in the hopes it just goes away.

After all was said and done though I was happy with my track workout. I did an extra run, but I also was even faster than last week. On average I was at least 15 seconds faster each time. I'm thinking it mostly was because last week was my first time (ever) that I did a track workout. Overall successful track work out! I have a run tonight (shhh don't tell Paul we're running), run on Thursday and a long run Saturday!

See you again next week track workout!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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