Monday, April 2, 2012

How the UHC Triple Crown came to be

So you may all be wondering how I ended up going from my original plan of 1 to 2 half marathons to 7 total for 2012. Don't worry if you are confused, I'm still sort of wondering this myself. As I mentioned last week, I was chosen to blog about the 3 United Health Care 1/2 marathons! I was beyond excited when selected for a few reasons. For starters, there is my love of Rhode Island. There is something about going back to New England that always makes me happy, and Rhode Island to me is almost as exciting as going back to Boston!

Love Rhode Island and all the views! 

Another reason I was interested was because last year I was unable to participate in the Newport 1/2 marathon. Unfortunately because of work, after signing up I had to back out of the race. My work schedule left me with no time to run, and absolutely zero time to eat healthy. I went and watched Paul and my cousin run the race. As much as I enjoy watching races on the sidelines, there is something depressing about watching a race you were planning on running. After the race I swore I would be back the next year to run it, and not let training problems stand in my way again. 

The third and final reason I was interested in running these races, was of course, redemption. If you haven't heard my ridiculous story of my 1st 1/2 marathon, well here you go. Long story short, I ran this 13.1 race in 2009 in rain, hail, freezing cold, ridiculousness. The entire race I swore I would never run again, and afterwords I swore I would get redemption some day.

So there you go. I was in for the Newport 1/2 marathon, and am always up for more races in Rhode Island! Will running 6 more 1/2 marathons this year be hard for me? Of course it will, but adding the UHC Triple Crown to my race schedule I already know will be exactly what I need. I started training today, and am ready to keep pushing myself right up until I finish every single one of these races. The Newport 1/2 will be the last one for me of the season and I am more than ready for my redemption!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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