Monday, April 30, 2012


Anxiety has more than set in about this half marathon that is less than 6 days away. Here are some quick updates for you!For starters, one of my best friends got engaged on Friday!!!! I am beyond excited for her and her hubby to be! I needed to get this said first because I continue to find myself at random telling people in the middle of conversations because I will think of it and get so excited.

Lucky for you all though, I have been spending my time doing things other than obsessing over my friends engagement. I did a couple of short runs last week to keep my legs streched out. Both were kind of eh. I know that isn't the best description, but it is very fitting. My right knee hurt for both runs, not enough for me to be in tears or anything like that, but enough for me to curse every now and then and have it slow me down. This has added just that extra bit of pre-race anxiety. I already know I am less than prepared for this race (aka I'm going to be slow as hell), but now I have to worry that I'm going to be even slower. Fingers are staying crossed that all will be better by race day.

I have been working all weekend (I know you are all jealous of my life) and am now on day 8 of work in a row. What I figured out this means is I will work 12 days straight, travel to Rhode Island Saturday, and run a half marathon Sunday. I know, the jealousy is just boiling over right now! Added to this is the triathlon Paul has on Saturday morning, which means I don't actually get to sleep past 7 am until...May 12. Yes I am complaining about this mostly because I love sleep and don't get enough of it.

So there you go, anxiety, extra work, lack of sleep, and annoying knee. All a great combo for a 1/2 marathon that you haven't really trained for! My personal pity party for myself is done now, thank you all for taking part. I'm off now to run in the hopes it will boost my confidence enough so that I don't think I'm absolutely crazy for doing this race!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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