Monday, November 28, 2011

7 days of misery

My long weekend was great! Hope everyone got to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! I had a nice relaxing day at home Wednesday, followed by two days in Rhode Island with the family for Thanksgiving. Friday night was dinner with Paul and friends. Saturday and Sunday were a nice bonus to have to catch up on everything and nothing at the same time. There also may have been some hair dying going on Sunday night as well :) Pictures to post asap.

A nice run this morning was just what I needed to get my week started. I couldn't believe how nice out it was when I got out and am so happy I dragged my ass out of bed for it. It was absolutely the best run I've had in a long time which makes me excited to think I'm getting back into the swing of things!

This morning also starts another, less exciting, week in my life. With my travel season, and just life being life, I had started eating incredibly unhealthy. Then add the wedding and Thanksgiving, and my food choices are out of control. Whenever I feel this way I know what I need to do to get back on track, it is what I nicely refer to as "My 7 Days of Misery."

Basically, this is a 7 day detox, to get me to stop eating crap and get back on track with healthy eating. The idea is if I can cut out everything I eat for the most part for 7 days, when I start eating like a normal person again, it will be much easier to eat healthy. I have planned this several times. You can read about past detox's here. The two times I've done this I have only gotten to day 4. I have high hopes this time to at least get to day 5.

The basic idea goes like this:

Day 1: No solid food, only liquids, such as tea (unsweetened), no dairy, and more than likely no coffee
Day 2: Add in fruit
Day 3: Add in raw vegetables
Day 4: Add cooked vegetables and rice
Day 5: Add beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds
Day 6: Add whole grains and live yogurt
Day 7: Add fish

I know from experience, day 1 is the worst. Day 1 is especially horrible if unprepared. I, smartly, went to the store yesterday and got extra tea to make for Day 1. The only down side is I am working late today, which means we usually order food. I know I am going to struggle when I smell pizza and can't have any. The plus side is, after work I can go home and have some plain broth and then early to bed.

Again the main goal is to get to Day 5. I just need to stay prepared and focused on how much I need to get back into healthy eating, as well as getting all the crap I eat out of my system.

I'll keep you posted during the week on the 7 days of misery! Happy Monday!!

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