Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend was my cousin Sam's wedding. Putting it out there right now, no running got done for me this weekend haha. We got back late on Friday night, leaving late and traffic, but still managed to meet up with Carolyn (who I have missed so much!) and her bf Dan for a couple hours.

The attempt was to run at the hotel on Saturday morning, but unfortunately I didn't do my research and there was no athletic center at the hotel we stayed at Friday night. Long story, but we stayed at two different hotels on Friday night and Saturday night. Paul and I checked out of the first hotel Saturday morning and went to see my mom and my brother. We luckily got an early check in at the wedding hotel and checked in with plenty of time for met to get ready while Paul ran on the treadmill.

Sam and Jamie asked me to do the reading at their wedding, which I was excited about and kind of went with the theory of "no worries, I got this." While I was getting ready I decided I would attempt to memorize my reading, so that I wouldn't awkwardly read directly out of the Bible the whole time. I repeated it about 50 times out loud, which Paul nicely sat and listened to while giving advice. Finally it was wedding time! Sam looked beautiful and the whole wedding party looked great as well. Finally it was time for my reading and of course everything I memorized went out of my head. Luckily the Bible was in front of me so I could read along with what I had remembered.

Look it's me reading! Haha

Then almost as soon as it started, the wedding was done and they were married!

Then it was reception time! The location of the reception was connected to our hotel which was perfect! It was also only 2 minutes (if that) from the Church.

First Dance! 

Ton's of dancing and good time's had by all! 

Paul & I

After the wedding we all headed back to the hotel and continued with the after party. Eventually we went to bed after a night full of drinking, dancing, and lots of laughs. We had breakfast the next morning with everyone, food was delicious too which was a huge bonus. After a Starbucks run, and stopping back at my mom's house, Paul and I headed back to NY.

As happy as I am now in NY, it is always nice to go home to Boston to see friends and family! Bonus, I get to go to Rhode Island on Thursday for Thanksgiving! Double dose of New England for me this week :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!  

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