Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Tomorrow, Paul and I will spend the day volunteering at the NYC Marathon! I've never been to the NYC marathon before (only the Boston one) so I am excited to go in general. I had wanted to volunteer at a race this year and figured what better race to help out at than this one. We selected mile 25 to hand out water and gatorade at. I had wanted a stop after mile 13, mostly because I've seen what happens to runners up to mile 13, I never know what they look like after that.

Paul had said he wanted to make some signs to hold up, so the past few days we've been looking for some. We found a couple that we thought we might copy...

funny marathon ten

funny marathon nine


In the end we realized no signs would work. It isn't exactly easy to hold up a funny sign while also holding out water to runners. 

Even without the funny signs I can't wait for the race. There are a few famous people running (a couple of reality tv show stars, as well as Apolo Ohno, Jennie Finch, and Mario Lopez) so I'm excited to see them too! 

Sara Hall winning the inaugural Dash to the Finish 5K. #RWnyc #INGNYCM

Happy Marathon Weekend! See you at the Finish! 

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