Friday, November 4, 2011

How the Rock 'N Roll DC came to be

So you may or may not be curious about how this new race came to be. It first started when Paul told me he signed up for the Rock 'N Roll DC, via his blog post. I knew he was interested in doing it, but was still shocked when I found out he had officially signed up for it. We decided a trip to DC would be our Christmas presents to each other. We did this last year in Vegas, hopefully this trip will not also cost us both thousands of dollars. Paul has never been to DC, and I am always up for a trip. So it was set, he would run the marathon and I would cheer on the sidelines. 

The marathon wouldn't of been my first race of Paul's I was standing on the sidelines for. A few weeks ago there was a half marathon that I had originally planned on doing in Newport, RI. This was my first half marathon that I ran 2 years ago. I had originally planned it as a redemption run, but I realized with my lack of training it wasn't going to happen. I decided to not go through with the race and instead go watch. 

Amazing view!

It was a gorgeous weekend in Rhode Island!

I was so jealous of the amazing weather Paul had for the race and the medal he received! 

Way cooler than the medal I got for this race! 

Overall, I'm a huge fan of the Amica Half Marathon and Marathon. It was sad having to sit on the side for this race, and know I will be back next year for my actual redemption race. 

After that race Paul had signed up for a Rock 'n Roll 10k in Brooklyn. Of course it was another gorgeous day, with another awesome course, and a fantastic medal! A race I will also be doing next year! 

I hadn't realized until after these two races just how much I disliked standing on the sidelines. It was a lot of fun to see the other side of the race, but I was jealous the entire time of all the racers. After watching the 10k I knew I wouldn't be happy sitting through the entire 26.2 miles watching the race. While I don't want to run a marathon, cause come on now I'm no where near ready for that, I would enjoy doing the half.

So that is how the Rock 'n Roll USA in DC came to be. I'm excited, scared, and some more excited for it. I know it's tough to train for a race in the spring, mostly because you have to train for it in the winter, but I think I have a good plan for it. Training plan to come! Happy Friday everyone, finally the weekend :)

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