Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

I hope you all are enjoying your Valentine's Day! This past weekend I celebrated Paul's birthday. We went out Friday night to dinner at Bertuicci's (so good!) Then went to see The Vow. I cried the entire movie. In the end I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it. I also got spoiled and was given my Valentine's Day present early. Someone didn't listen to our $50 limit, and bought me this amazing ring. 

It is from the Open Hearts Collection. I have a matching necklace and watch/bracelet from Paul as well. The collection means a lot to me for a few reasons. I like the idea behind it (if your heart is open, love will always find its way in) but I also feel a special connection to it because of my open heart surgery. 

Saturday (Paul's actual birthday) we went out shopping in the morning (new shoes for me!) and then were off to Brooklyn for Paul to get his tattoo!! It was about an hour and a half of going over the design of the tattoo and etc and then about 5 hours of him actually sitting for the tattoo. Here is a more detailed aka better description of it from his blog. At the end of it all though it looked like this...

It came out amazing! She did such a good job, and so many hidden details were put in! We didn't leave until 10:30, so Paul's birthday dinner turned into grilled cheese and a bacon/cheddar/mushroom omelet at a diner. Neither of us had eaten really since lunch so we both cleared our plates. 

Sunday was a relaxed day with some random errands and lunch at Chipotle! The night ended with a family dinner celebration for Paul's birthday and watching the Grammys! 

I am finally feeling better (win!) and am going out for dinner tonight with Paul for Valentine's day. We both are pretty laid back when it comes to plans for that and will end up eating anywhere that there isn't a wait! I am planning to run 8 miles tomorrow (hopeful win) to make up for some of my lack of mileage and get back on track with 1/2 marathon training! 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!

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