Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Happy February everyone! Now that I've been through a full month in 2012, I wanted to check back in with my New Years resolutions to make sure I was still following them. I, as do most people, have the tendency to start to slack off on my resolutions as the year goes on. I decided at the beginning of every month I would check in and make sure I was still staying on track.

My first resolution was to run a race for every Holiday! Technically my next holiday (if you count it as one) is Valentines Day. I have found two races that I am deciding between at the moment. Race 1 is actually on Paul's birthday (Feb 11). He unfortunately has to work all day on his birthday so I could do this one solo. Race 2 is the next day (Feb 12) and Paul may or may not have work. I'm currently leaning towards doing Race 2. I know the area I'd be running better, and this way I have a better chance of running it with Paul (since it is a Valentine's Day run it would be nice).

Resolution number 2 is to run 2 (possibly 3) half marathons. I am still signed up and training for the Rock N Roll DC 1/2 in March! (It also falls on St. Patrick's Day so another Holiday race planned!) I also am still planning to do the Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 as well in July. I thought I had found my perfect 3rd half marathon for the year, and sadly it fell apart :( I've been dying to go to Canada recently (not really sure why but I am) and I love Lululemon! I was so excited to start planning and I think I even got Paul interested in traveling to Canada! Then I looked up flights....and it all fell apart. $700 just for a round trip flight, that was not in my budget. Sadly for now the lululemon half marathon will not be happening for me :( . I am still on the search for another one I want to do.

Resolution 3, stretch every morning. Ok this is the one I have been struggling with the most. It requires me to get up and immediately go stretch, or else I don't do it. I would say on average I stretch 2 or 3 times a week in the morning. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but I still  have work to do with it!

Resolution 4 was run at least 10 miles every week. I have been keeping up with this because of training!

Resolution 5 & 6 have to do with faster speed for races. I haven't done a race yet this year, but I will be working to improve my speed as the year goes on.

Finally resolution 7 was to take a pilates class. Unfortunately I have not found one, or put much effort into looking for one either. I have done some at home pilates which I am counting for now, but I know I need to step that up and find a class!

I don't think I've gotten too off course from my resolutions thankfully. I know I have plenty of areas I still need to improve on, but at least I'm on the right track.

Happy Wednesday and February everyone!!!

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