Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running Karma

I have more recently become a large believer in karma. I swear anytime I am scheduled to go for a run and don't, karma comes and bites me in the ass. As if I already didn't feel bad about the fact that I bailed on a run, now I have karma shoving it back in my face. Here is how running karma attacked me today.

This morning was supposed to be a track workout morning. Paul and I had talked about getting up at 5 am and etc. I stressed the fact that I needed to be done running in time to shower and get ready for work, and look like a normal person (aka not the messy look with wet hair that I usually show up with after a morning run). For whatever reason this turned into we had to wake up at 4:45. The extra 15 minutes earlier was clearly too much for me, and the wake up this morning was less than pretty. After attempting to just push me out of bed, and me continuing to yell 2 MORE MINUTES, Paul said fine we'll skip it. I couldn't be happier to hear those words until he followed it up with, "I just thought you said you really wanted to focus on improving your running". Ouch! Harsh when the words are thrown in my face at 4:45am! I sat and thought about it for a minute and told Paul I changed my mind and we could go, but he was already asleep.

I fell back asleep and woke up at normal time and got ready for work. In the middle of straightening my hair is when karma came back. I accidentally dropped my hair straightener, thought nothing of this, and kept going. I then realized at one point that my hair didn't feel warm like it usually does while straightening. I slowly discovered that yes my poor hair straightener had broken.

My 2 year old, $120, hair straightener that I had bought for myself as a graduation present. Yes, this clearly is an overly dramatic reaction to a straightener breaking, but you have to understand a few things. First of all, it cost $120. Apparently 2 years ago I was rolling in money and could afford that, not so much anymore. I also straighten my hair just about every day. After some swearing and hair straightener throwing, I left for work with half straight and half wavy hair. I thought in the car about how if I had gotten up to go running, I probably would never have broken the straightener. Not that it isn't possible for me to have dropped it had I been getting ready earlier, but I was distracted by the tv which normally wouldn't of been on had I gotten ready after running. 

There you go, my over dramatic story about my dead hair straightener. Thank you all for dealing with my craziness, and yes next time I will in fact go running before I get more bad running karma thrown back in my face! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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