Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jamestown 1/2 Marathon

Wake up for Jamestown was at some unacceptable hour close to 4 or 4:30 am. After a quick stop at dunkin donuts for bagels and coffee, and we were on our way. 

So nice to be in New England and see Red Sox cups! 

Paul and I drove over to where packet pick up had been to load the buses to the race. The race information was very vocal about no parking around the race, so they had buses to take everyone over. The buses were very organized and we waited in line for maybe 2 minutes before getting on and taking the quick trip to Jamestown. 

We got let out of the bus on the highway, or at least I think it was the highway, but it was completely blocked off and shut down. It was a small group of people, I would guess around 550 showed up. Those 550 were all standing around looking not so happy. It had started to drizzle, which made me incredibly unhappy, but I knew that was not the reason for everyone being upset. Then I looked to my left and saw all the porta potties being delivered. This was at 6:15, and the race was scheduled to start at 6:30. The amount of unhappy runners who had been here for at least a half hour waiting for a bathroom was out of control. The race organizers and volunteers got them off the bus and ready for use (minus toilette paper) asap. I still had to go but hate not starting a race with everyone so skipped it and lined up. Paul and I say bye and good luck while he waited in line for the bathroom. Because of all the bathroom chaos, the race started about 5 minutes late, and about half the people were still waiting in line for the bathroom when the race started.

Course map from UHC Website.

The first mile was interesting. I was running easy and holding pace around 11:15, good for me. Usually people tend to settle into their pace, during the first mile, but because of the delayed bathrooms, people were flying by from time to time catching up. During mile 1 a guy that I had run into before the race ran up next to me. We had bonded over being the only two people not talking during the national anthem, and the lack of bag check. I saw him mouth the word time (had my headphones in) and stuck out my Garmin for him to see thinking he wanted to know how much time had passed. I took my headphones out to talk and he said "no, what are you aiming for?". I replied with 2:45 (which I was but knew wouldn't happen), and he said "ok I'll run with you I think". I thought the guy was crazy. "You want to run with me? The girl who walks a lot and can't pace herself for shit?" It was nice though, he was with me for about two miles before a hill showed up and  he left me in his dust.

This is my attempt at smiling at the camera. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I should not be photographed while running. It ends badly every time. 

I learned many things during this run, but one important thing I learned was that I cannot read a elevation chart to save my life. I read that there was one large hill in the middle of the course, which there was. I did not however, notice all the other less dramatic hills. No worries though, they all were there. I was running pretty continuously with walk breaks here and there for the hills. I continued this through the first 5 miles. I was happy with my time and was ahead of pace. One nice thing about this course was that there were very few turns, so a 1/2 a mile away you could see a mile mark. If I was tired or slacking, I would look and see the mile marker. It made the end of that mile seem that much closer. My legs didn't hurt, but I could tell I was getting a few blisters on my feet already from not running in my shoes enough. Then mile 6 came. During the mile I thought,  "if I don't PR, it will be 100% because of this hill". I pretty much lost it after that. The hill was so steep and was pretty long, a combination I didn't really think existed. 

I enjoyed the nice downhill after and tried to get back on track. I knew I had lost serious time and was worried. Miles 7, 8, and 9 went by quick, not that I was quick, they just felt like they were flying by. I hit mile 10 though and had no shot at having a PR. It was probably the only area of the race that wasn't on the water, instead it was back roads by houses. I was pretty over the race at that point. I had gone 10 miles, was still behind the same couple that I had been directly behind the whole time, and no PR was happening.  I got myself moving though, passed the couple I had been behind the whole time, and looked forward to the finish.

Please note the both feet of the ground. It's rare. I'm sort of smiling, another rare part of a race.

The last mile we were running along the water and had a great view. By that point I knew I wasn't going for time goals, and decided I might as well take a picture. 

Pretty freaking gorgeous

The last .1 miles was directly down hill, which is nice for a speedy finish, but you couldn't see the finish line at all until the last second. I saw Paul on the side cheering and I think yelled something about being over it and slow. I also almost threw my water bottle at him to hold but he had three gatorades in his hand, so I thought otherwise. 

It was finally over, and it took me about 3 hours. Not my best by any means, and again also not my worst. While I had no expectations for the race, I know I can do better. I let the hill at mile 6 get the best of me, and it went down hill (ha no pun even intended on that one!) from there. 

We headed back on the bus to our cars and went back to hotel. We showered and packed up to head out of the hotel. We made a few pit stops first though.  

Twix Iced Coffee!

Marylou's coffee, definitely a perfect post race treat. Then we made a special stop and my Uncle and Aunts house to see 8 of the cutest puppies. Ever!

I mean seriously? Does it get cuter? 

My favorite. Adorable

Bella had 8 of the cutest puppies! I think it will be an new pick me up requirement after every race, play with 8 perfect puppies. If you want more details check out Bella's Blog and see more pictures too! 

Jamestown and the second leg of the UHC triple crown is done. Now on to Rock n Roll Chicago 1/2, which is 3 days away. Goals for that race still to come! 

Happy Thursday everyone!

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