Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Resolution Check In

With 6 months already done for 2012, I figured I would check in with my resolutions for the year. There are some ones that I clearly am sticking to, and ones that I stopped sticking to on January 2.

1. Run a race for every holiday
-I missed New Years Day and Valentines Day. I did St. Patrick's Day. Does Cinco De Mayo count? What about Memorial Day? I will run tomorrow for the 4th but no race, so that's out too. Not my best work.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

2. Run 2, possibly 3, half marathons.
-Success! I completed one goal how awesome am I? No not that awesome? Ok cool!

3. Stretch Every morning
-I'm not sure why this is even on the list. Can I take resolutions away in July?

4. Run at least 10 miles every week
-Usually happens because of the race training, so calling this a success so far

This run actually sucked, a lot.

5&6. Faster 5k/10k times
-Might look at this a little in the fall, but not really planning on doing any 5k/10ks right now so probably wont happen.

7. Take a Pilates class
-I am so determined to do this one. Time.Money.Effort. all standing in my way.

I also just noticed I only had 7 resolutions. Odd number, should of picked 10. Also probably should of picked some better/different resolutions. Oh well. I have 6 months left and a lot of work to do!

Happy almost 4th of July!!

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