Monday, July 2, 2012

Much needed vacation

I had an amazing 3 days off of work and took full advantage of it! For starters, I finally was able to catch you all up on the Fairfield Half, but that was one of the few things I did for running during this vacation. Wednesday, my first vacation day, was originally set to be spent figuring out my car insurance/registration. Lucky for me, the DMV is choosing to take an exceptional amount of time making it official that I live in NY, so I had a free day! Paul and I went out a nice little recovery run. I tried out my new shoes (I've lost count at this point of  how many new shoes I had that I didn't like and tried different ones), and just hoped he didn't lap me in our runs around the block (he didn't yay!). My legs were tight the first mile, but after that everything felt great and I ran faster than usual which was a nice surprise.

After lunch Wednesday we got to lounge around outside and while Paul read, I caught up on my reading/celebrity gossip. Women's Health Magazine and People all the way. Some quality relaxation time right there. Paul decided to be grill master that night!

Ignore the fake smile, he was excited

Chicken/Veggie Kabobs and corn on the cob. It was delicious! We relaxed and watched the Olympic Trials for the rest of the night, which is basically all we've been doing lately. Thursday was a beach day!!!

So amazing

I decided to skip the trashy magazine for the day. I have a stack of about 100 books that I want to read this summer, so I started to finally pick away at them. I sadly started with a book about a girl who works in the admissions department of a college and her life. I decided about 75 pages in that it was unhealthy for me to read a book about my own life while I was on vacation, so I stopped reading and played in the waves instead. A day at the beach is one of the best ways to get me to relax. Which is definitely what I needed since that night was apartment hunting night. It was good and bad, but in the end no apartment for me. I was able to make a pit stop for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in the middle of the search though, so that made everything better. Also, I swear there is some healthy eating days coming soon. My froyo and cheesecake nights are behind me...for the most part. 

Friday and Saturday were pretty relaxed. It was too hot to do just about anything. I was a little burnt from the beach on Thursday too and wasn't looking to go back out on Friday like an idiot. I also had my GRE's on Saturday that I decided spending 4 hours the day before I was taking them to study would be great, since I hadn't studied at all. There was more trials watching, and enjoying everyone that was kicking ass through them all.

Sunday was July 1! It marked one year since I moved and became NewYorkRunner! I had bought tickets for Paul and I to go to the Yankee vs White Sox game for our 2 year anniversary. I wanted to go to a Red Sox/Yankees game, but the dates didn't work out. Cheering for Chicago is almost as awesome as cheering for Boston, almost. It also happened to be Old Timers Day, I thought it was a special day for old people and was worried, I was wrong. We got a good deal and good seats (2nd row in left field).

Yup, aren't I awesome! I got us great seats to sit from 10am-4pm in direct sunshine during a 90 degree day! I know I rock!

We went and saw our seats and the field first then decided instead of spending 6 hours straight outside for the old timers game and actual game, we'd head inside for lunch and come back out for the game. 

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and SAP is the company my brother works for. SAP had pictures all over the stadium because they are big sponsors, which was sweet. Hard Rock Cafe was delicious, I had fish and chips and this awesome drink. 


True story...I'll drink just about anything that is blue. We went back outside after lunch and caught the rest of the old timers game. It was hot as hell out there and these guys decided it was a good time to get a tan. 

I was interested to see when they would start burning cause they had no sunscreen, but they left before the game started. Overall the game was fun, I got to cheer for Chicago, and cheer against the yankees. Always a good time. Other than it being 100 degrees, and having to get water every inning, and the 6 year old 4 seats over from me throwing up, it was a pretty awesome way to celebrate 2 years (a little late) and one year in NY. 

Successful vacation complete! Now I'm back at work for two days, 4th of July aka my favorite holiday, and then two more days of work. Oh and you know back to the running thing. I enjoyed my few days off from running because of the heat, but am excited to get back out there now for early morning or late night runs when it is cooler. Only 2 weeks till Jamestown and 3 weeks till Chicago!!

Happy Monday everyone!! 

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