Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Jamestown 1/2 marathon was the second leg of the three leg United Health Care Triple Crown. 

Basically, I got free entry to the three races for blogging (including a race I've been waiting to do again) and get bonus swag. Who doesn't want bonus swag? Providence 1/2 marathon was the first leg and went surprisingly well, but I did not expect another surprise PR at this race. 

I have Friday's off of work in the summer which is AMAZING and what I have always had since I started working after Quinnipiac. This basically means if I ever have a job requiring me to work Friday's in the summer, I might cry. Paul had a job interview Friday morning, so I took advantage of a relaxing morning and sat outside reading my book. The Hunger Games part 1 if you are curious, I saw the movie and now am addicted. 

Yeah a little spoiled. The amazing view of the LI Sound from the porch. 

After Paul picked me up and grabbed some lunch, we were on the road to Rhode Island. I must admit that Rhode Island is one of my favorite places. I always have a great time while I'm there, and get to have the New England vibe that I miss sometimes when I'm in NY. After tons of unnecessary traffic, we finally made it to our hotel and HUGE room. Having more than one room in a hotel room (not including the bathroom) is a luxury that I do not have, ever. We dropped our bags and headed to packet pick up which was small. I talked myself into and out of buying a new pair of shoes that were on sale before heading to dinner at Carabas. One delicious whole wheat pasta with shrimp and lemon garlic alfredo later, I was a happy girl. Just about every race morning Paul and I will have bagels with peanut butter. Sadly, dunkin donuts does not have peanut butter, so we decided to make a quick stop at target to pick some up. 15 minutes, and $104 dollars later, we left target with peanut butter an this amazingness. 

Margarita maker! I mean come on it was 50% off! Largest impulse buy ever! 

Ok back to important things, other than all the margarita parties I will be having soon. We got back to the hotel and laid everything out for the next day, (we are both a little Type A when it comes to planning things out) before heading to bed early. I will leave you with that for now, because if I throw the recap in here too this post will go on for days! Also blogger is killing me right now and I want to switch. Well I wanted to switch before, and now I'm impatiently waiting to switch out of blogger. It took me forever to get this post to even slightly look how I wanted (it kept highlighting everything) and I still have weird spaces!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  

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