Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

Finally the weekend! I had Monday off and this still felt like the longest week ever. Please enjoy this photo cluster of what I will be doing this long weekend!

There will be some of this. Not racing, just regular running. And it will most likely include me making faces during the run.

Starbucks <3 

 There will be lots of cupcakes. It's memorial day weekend people! I'm going to enjoy! 

Nuun drinking! 

 Possibility of a track workout at some point during the weekend 

 Plenty of margarita drinking! So much so that there will be two pictures of me partaking in it! 

Margarita love <3

Some swimming

And of course, some beach going...shh don't tell Paul

This is me, doing back flips thinking about the awesome weekend to come. 
ps...this is not really me at all

 Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope you enjoy it!

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