Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Please excuse this brief interruption

The full recap that would have been today has been interrupted and postponed until, well I don't know when. To me a full recap includes pictures and etc. Mostly because this time I think some of my pictures are going to be good. Aka they will not look like the following:

Sadly there are no pictures posted from the race, so no recap. For now I am getting my training plan all set and ready for my next race. I have a month and half to two months to improve my speed, a lot. I have time goals for all my upcoming races which I will post as the time gets closer!

Recap will be up as soon as the pictures are posted!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Ha, I know how that goes! My NJ Marathon race report is all done but I'm waiting on pics :) Can't wait to hear about the PR though!

    1. Can't wait to read it! I'm going to be coming to you soon for advice on how to seriously cut my PR even more for some goal races I have!