Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sticking to a plan

Now that it has been almost two weeks since the UHC Providence 1/2, I think it is finally time for me to move on and talk about something else....such as my plans for the next race!

I havn't really been one in the past to come up with a training plan and stick with it. Please see just about any race on this page. I know sticking to the plans that I create will only help me down the line with my goals, I just really suck when it comes to the follow through. So this time I created a plan to help me stick to my plan. Confused? That's ok. 

Tada! This is the plan to stick to my plan. 

Recognize him? Ok good. After being a really awesome girlfriend and introducing Paul to the world of running way back when, he took over and started to kick my ass. I know, how shitty awesome is that? Regardless, he knows how to stick to a plan very well. No matter what is going on, if he has something scheduled for training, he does it. Other than the obvious reasons, such as I'm with him all the time, it was clear he would be the right person to get me out and moving every day that I needed. And guess what, I'm a genius and the plan worked! Well, it has only been a week of training, but so far so good! 

I need someone to get me up in the morning to run, out after work to run, take the candy away from me, or tell me to stop complaining about being tired. Paul has no problem doing all of the above. So now that I've seriously increased my boyfriends ego, lets move on to my actual running. 

Here is my training plan: 

  Click on it, it gets bigger! 

Surprise race day is June 24! Yes this does mean I added yet another half marathon to my schedule. Paul was running the Fairfield Half Marathon, and I found it completely ridiculous that he was doing this without me....or I really didn't want him to have another medal than me.  I'll talk more about the race another time, on to training for now. I am staying on track and completing all my runs so far. I even went back to Boston for the weekend and still did my run on Saturday, which I assure you has never happened before. 

Look I went running! Yay me! 

Tuesday morning was an early wake up for the track! I swear I am getting better about getting out of bed faster. This time I only begged for 3 more minutes of sleep instead of my usual 5-10 minutes. Baby steps people, baby steps. We headed down to the track and I did my warm up laps, followed by 5 x 400's. Keep in mind I don't have a whole heck of a lot of time to run, shower, eat, and get to work on time without waking up at 4am, so I take what I can with my distances. I'm also deciding if it is more beneficial for me to start adding to the distance or the amount I am doing to help improve. Thoughts on that are welcomed and appreciated! 

I'm working on pushing myself through at tough parts, because I know this is huge when it comes to my races. Once I start to see my goal slipping away, I throw in the towel and settle for what I can get. No more of that. So here's how it went: 

2- 1:56
3- 2:06
4- 2:08
5- 2:06
No I do not have a Garmin, it is on just about every wish list I have though....

In reality, this isn't bad for me, but it's not even close to what I would like to be doing. I'll take any improvements though, because I know I'm not going to be running sub 2 hour 1/2's over night. 

So there it is: new race, new plans, new plans for the plan, and I'm adding in stretching/pilates this time around! Blame it on the sunny and warm weather for my running excitement at the moment. 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

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