Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Updates

Can we all agree to ignore the fact that I skipped over my monthly update for April? Yeah? Ok great, moving on! It is May finally, and I'm hoping the weather out lately is not going to be a reflection of what's to come in the next month. Rainy, cloudy, grossness (yes that is a word). So on to updates on 2012 resolutions... spoiler alert...I'm not really sticking to them.

1. Run A race for every holiday:
-Well I didn't do Valentine's day, but the DC half marathon was on St. Patrick's Day. Does that count?

2. Run 2, possibly 3, half marathons:
-I am on my way to finishing this on Sunday! I clearly will do more than 3 by the end of the year thanks to my "clearly I'm trying to kill myself with half marathons" race schedule

3. Stretch Every morning:
-Did anyone actually believe I was going to stick to this one? (Sorry if you had more faith in me, I knew this one wasn't sticking too long)

4. Run at least 10 miles every week:
-Ehh, I should get better about keeping track of these things.

5&6. Run a 5k at 9 min mile pace and a run a 10k in under an hour:
-5k and 10k scheduled. Also working on my speed (sort of).

7. Take a pilates class
-Luckily I still have about 8 months to actually do this.

I'm not totally sure about how this half marathon crept up on me, but it is this weekend! Goal post tomorrow!

Happy Thursday (aka day 11 in a row of work for me(ok I'll stop complaining now))!!

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  1. Good luck in Providence!! I did that one a few years ago and liked it :)