Friday, May 4, 2012

UHC Providence Goals

Finally, the weekend! I'm not sure of the last time I was this excited for a weekend. It could be from working so many days in a row, oh I've already mentioned that a billion times, sorry(kind of).

Tomorrow morning will be an early wake up and drive to Harriman State Park for Paul's Triathlon. TriRock was my first triathlon last year, and a ton of fun, but I'm happy I get to watch this year. I will be happy cheerleader girlfriend from tonight until Saturday after the race! This will include not being a total grouch when I need to wake up at 4:30 am, making sure everything is packed, and taking about a billion pictures. Once the race is done though, I'm turning into "looking for a PR on a race I didn't train for" girlfriend. Paul has been warned to watch out for the mood swing.

I still can't get past how quickly this race crept up on me. It's more than likely because its only been a little over a month since I decided to run it. The race isn't exactly a goal race of any sort for me, but I am glad I'm doing it. I needed to kick off my training for some other goal races I have, and the best way to keep me on track is to get ready for a race.

I'm oddly excited for this race, even though my training has been a little non-existent. I have some goals, but nothing exciting.

Goal A: PR of any sort. I will take a .2 second PR. A PR is PR for this race.
Goal B: No PW. I'm pretty sure I can accomplish this goal unless something dramatic (like my leg breaks) and I have to walk the entire race. Even then I think I'd be good .
Goal C: Finish.

So there you go that is the plan for now. I'm currently spending the day deciding if I should wear new shoes or keep the old ones. I'm pretty sure my knee problems lately have been from my shoes being worn down and it is time for new ones. I'm battling with the decision of sucking it up and hoping it doesn't hurt wearing the old ones, and going against the rule of never wear something new on race day (especially shoes!), and lace up the new ones.

You all will be first to know my decision for race day. Well actually, the twitter world will be so check there or tweet me advice about which shoes to run in!

Happy FRIDAY Everyone!

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