Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy 2012! I hope you all enjoyed a nice NYE. My night was full of Chinese food, Champagne, and Fireworks, an awesome NYE in my opinion. While 2011 was a great year (new job, new state, traveling, running, triathlons and etc.), there is always room for changes in the new year. I made a few resolutions for 2012, both running related and life related. The key was to have some resolutions and goals to make me push myself, but also not to be so lofty and general that I would not follow through.

1.       Run a race for every Holiday 
-I know this seems a little random, but I think it would be fun! 

2.       Run 2 possibly 3 Half-Marathons 
-  I already have 2 planned to do (DC and Chicago), so hopefully I will follow through and maybe even add one in Rhode Island. 

3.       Stretch every morning 
- This has been something I've needed to do for years! I am not flexible at all, and I know it would help improve my running and any other work outs. I know I may not do this every day, but I figure if I get into some sort of pattern it will help my flexibility. I already stretched this morning so I'm still on track so far!
4.       Run at least 10 miles every week 
- Hopefully when I am training for races, this will clearly be higher. During the time I am not in training though, I at least will be running 2 miles/5 days a week. 

5.       Run 5k at 9:00-9:30 pace 
-While my larger goals work with distance, I think this goal will help with my speed not only for a 5k. If I am capable of keeping that pace for 5k's, I know eventually I will be able to keep it up for longer races.

6.       Run 10k in under an hour 
- If other resolution for the 5k goal pace works, this goal should work as well.

7.       Take Pilates Class
- I L.O.V.E. pilates! I say every year that I want to take more classes, and I haven't yet. This year I really hope I will be able to take classes more often. Not only do I enjoy it, but it is a great work out and helps with my flexibility.

I also have a weight loss goal, which for now I am keeping too myself. It isn't a crazy out of control one that will never happen though. Hopefully if I follow through with all the above resolutions, the weight loss won't be a problem at all. My other resolutions for life are get an apartment, cook more (or learn how to, same difference), and most others about saving money.
Day one of the new year is done and so far I am off too a good start with stretching and a nice run in awesome weather for January! 

Hope you all had a great Sunday and a good start to the new year!

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