Monday, January 30, 2012

This and That

Thought I would post a random update of some things I've been up to running wise and life related lately. For starters joining planet fitness has been amazing. Every morning that I plan to get up and run I happily (for the most part) get up and head to the gym. I enjoy the thought of getting my runs done, but not being freezing or my throat burning from the cold the entire time. I know plenty of people are ok, or even enjoy, running in the winter...I am not this person. I also feel more comfortable running after work now because of the gym. I never would run outside at night because it's too dark and I'm scared I'll get hit by a car....I've also watched one too many episodes of SVU and am scared of getting stabbed or something. I know I'm insane.  I got out of work late Friday night and headed over to the gym for what turned out to be an awesome 3 mile run!

I took the rest of the weekend off from running because I had a long work event yesterday. Fortunately, I was able to go in a little late this morning and went for a run. This is when I found out I am not able to run without my music! I got to the gym and found out I had no headphones. I knew if I went home to get them I would never get back to the gym. I decided I'd just tough it out instead. I some how ended up directly next to the most obnoxious girl in the world  who was on her phone the entire time. I don't understand how someone can try and hold a phone conversation while running. I also don't understand why talking loudly and laughing loudly and etc is necessary. I tried hard to just focus on the running, but it didn't go that well. In the end I ran 2.5 miles and called it a day. It was a bonus run for me for the week, so I figured any extra running is good.

I'm trying to focus on making sure I get my weekly distances in every week. My last few races I've managed to easily get myself off course in training and ended up not being very prepared. For that reason, my main goal for the day of the race is to feel I prepared as much as I could for it. I know day by day I'm getting a little faster and feeling a little better about my running! I also might of found my first mini race to do to start out my new years resolution of a race for every holiday! More about that this week!

Happy Monday everyone!

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