Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DC 1/2 Marathon Part 1

I've decided the only way I will ever write a 100% accurate race report, is if I write it while I am running it. Even writing it later that day, never mind a couple days after, I have this glossed over idea of the race. Looking at all the pictures from the race site (no they will not be posted here) I realize that at times I clearly must of not enjoyed it. To save all of your sanity, I broke this post up into two parts.

Friday morning Paul and I left at 5 am...5 am people! It was so early and I was so tired! A medium iced coffee with skim milk later and I was ready to rock n roll...haha no pun intended on that one. The drive there seemed fast, but I was hungry most of the way. Finally we stopped in Maryland at IHOP! Let the carbo loading begin!

Chocolate chip for me!

We were back on the road after and drove straight to the Race Expo. I have to admit I really enjoy expos usually, but this one was even better! 

We got in easily and picked up our swag bags, shirts, timing chips, and race bibs. After we walked around and enjoyed the rest of the expo. After the expo we went to check into the hotel and unpack.

We clearly cleaned up at the expo!

We adventured around DC a little and saw a few things along the way!

After walking around for a little while and seeing the sites, we stopped to see one of my old roommates, Beckie! After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We drove around for what feels like hours trying to find a place for dinner. Paul and I both wanted penne a la vodka for dinner and finally found a restaurant with it. 

It was delicious, but also one of the spiciest things I've ever had. I stopped eating part of the way through because it hurt my mouth too much to continue. After dinner we stopped at CVS to get a couple bottles of water and then headed back to hotel to get a good nights sleep. 

6 am came around very soon and I had to get ready to Rock n Roll! 

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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