Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tri Nutrition Meeting

Hopefully by now you all have realized that when I say I will post something the next day, I really mean two days later! So last Thursday I went to a triathlon team meeting with Paul. I had gone before and really found it interesting, so I figured why not go to another one! They have them twice a month, and because Paul is on the team he goes to all of them...I only go to the one's that I think have interesting topics.

So all that being said, the meeting last Thursday was on proper nutrition during races. As you all found out in my 10 mile run post, I never do much nutrition during the race. I am good about eating a protein bar of some sort before, followed by nothing during the run, and eating my face off usually after the run. Not that this will shock any of you, it definitely didn't shock me, but apparently my nutrition plan is not the most effective plan for racing.

One of the guys talking was from the PowerBar company. While I wanted to hear more about general nutrition, I was interested in what he had to say about all the PowerBar products. He went through all the basics of what each product was as well as the best times to take them. Since I had never had any of these products before (mostly out of fear of how they will taste), this was all pretty new and interesting to me.

After that, one of Paul's team members talked about basic nutrition for the days leading up to race day. I clearly also do not have this down correctly, so I found it just as interesting. He gave some good tips on better nutrition, as well as how to keep your nutrition plan on track. Some of the things I have heard before (keep track of food, food log etc...), but sometimes when you hear it just enough it actually clicks in your head what you need to do. Starting Sunday, cause I want to start at the beginning of a week, I am going to keep an actual log for the whole week as to what I eat. As much as I convince myself that "I really do eat healthy most of the time" I know seeing it in writing will confirm that is not true. Once I can see what I am really eating on a daily basis, I hopefully will be able to make the right changes.

The best part of the meeting was clearly when we all got free samples! I found out just how much I like the gel chews and as much as I dislike the actual gels, I'm glad I got to try them out.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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