Monday, March 12, 2012

Last long run!

This weekend was full of sunny skies, movies, dinner with friends, shopping, and of course my last long run! Friday night, after a delicious penne a la vodka dinner, I went to see The Lorax with Paul and friends! The food was delicious, as was the movie! Saturday morning included some laundry and my first attempt to dye my hair back to blonde (more on this later). Later I went to buy some delicious snacks for race day! I got lots of gel bites from PowerBar and also got some Chomps to try by GU. I of course grabbed some gels, because as much as they gross me out, I know they help. There was some ridiculous deal, if I bought 12 products I got a 20% discount. How could I resist?! So now I at least have a whole bunch of new things to try!  Saturday night was dinner and a movie (Tower Heist aka awesome movie), which also included attempt number 2 at dying my hair (again more on this later).

Sunday morning I was all sorts of confused. I woke up at 9:45 and couldn't understand how I possibly slept that late. Paul nicely reminded me about daylight savings and that my body only thought it was 8:45. After slowly getting up and ready, I finally went out for my last "long run" before the race. Since my real "last long run" was two weekends ago and was 10 miles, I had this run be 6 miles. I of course wanted to be at race pace. Mile 1 was good, after that it was rough and I kept thinking "what am I going to do for the race?". However I pushed through and managed to make it work. I was 3 minutes over my "goal" time for the 6 miles, but I was overall happy about it. Mile 6 hurt a lot, but I also know in all my other long runs, mile 6 hurt and after that I felt better. I have to keep this in mind during the race so I know not to panic during mile 6 if it isn't going well.

I can't believe the race is less than a week away! I am incredibly nervous, but excited all at the same time! The "hair dye" post is coming up as well as a final goals post before the race!! Happy Monday everyone!!!

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