Friday, December 2, 2011

December Updates!

Happy December everyone! One of my favorite months: snow, Christmas, my could I not? Anyways here are some updates!

1. No detox.
----> I have a serious issue with not eating all day and not being able to have coffee. I can't give up both for a day. Long story short, insane migraine while still at work at 7pm with pizza around me, I failed. I did realize though I was being silly. While it is a good way for some people to get back into healthy eating, I think I should have learned from my past fails with it that maybe it's not for me. Here is too getting back into healthy eating by just eating healthy!

2. No Jingle Bell.
---> I know I'm just all about the fails lately! But for real, I didn't want to fail on this one, and my running is slowly picking back up! I think if I jumped into this race and didn't do awesome I'd feel more discouraged than excited.

3. New website obsession.
---> ...if you don't love it the second you get there, search puppy and you will. And no I'm not cool enough to have an invite yet, still waiting.

4. My life.
---> On the above awesome website, I found a picture that perfectly describes my life.

5. My hair is a different color.
---> I know I mentioned this before and have yet to post a pic, but that's coming soon.

6. Running Plan.
---> Excel sheet is in the works of my new running plan (Will post when complete!). My idea to run two mornings a week (when I go to work late) and two runs on the weekend has been going well so far. My running is slowly improving, it helps when I have views like this while running!

7. I want to wear this some day.

Yes I would totally become a trainer some day if I could. 

8. I think I'm out of updates.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend :)

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