Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby its cold outside

How was everyones weekend? My birthday weekend was great. I got to have a nice relaxin Saturday (this happens never) and went for a nice run without any form of timing or tracking device which was a great feeling. Then it was off to The Nutcracker!

I went to see The Nutcracker all the time when I was little and in Chicago, then last year my brother and I took my mom to see it in Boston! I had never seen it before in NY and it was fantastic! I love little Christmas traditions like going to see The Nutcracker. Very successful birthday night.

Sunday was another relaxing day. I wimped out when Paul said "lets go running," and responded with "but baby it's cold outside!" I mean really though, it was about 15 degrees outside and he was running 4 miles more than I was. This would result in me sitting outside in the freezing cold for a little while after I finished running. I instead decided to stay inside all nice and warm. We watched a movie for the afternoon (Four Christmases, very funny!) before dinner at Chipotle with his family for my birthday! This was followed by a very delicious Carvel cake!

I managed to get the day off today (yay!) for a mini shopping day. The plan is to finish up everything I need for my Christmas shopping, and not buy too many things for myself! Then off for a run this afternoon to run off all the cake and cupcakes from the weekend! Plus it isn't as cold out today so I won't wimp out!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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