Thursday, December 8, 2011

Under Armour Love

Now that you all know about my obsession with LuLuLemon, I figured I would give you a little insight to the rest of my running wardrobe. As much as it pains me to admit this, I am not some ridiculously rich person that can afford to only purchase Lulu clothes.  Because of this fact, I do have to buy a few other products. My go to choice other than LuLu is typically Under Armour.

I recently purchased a few new Under Armour tops, for cold weather running specifically. Please ignore the lack of makeup or the ridiculous hair in the following pictures.

One color I usually am not caught dead in is pink. For whatever reason I am not really a pink girl, maybe I wore it too much as a child or something, but I own just about nothing that is pink. I can no longer make that statement however since I bought this incredibly bright pink long sleeve waffle top. Originally I was going with black, but after realizing most of my bottoms are black (and as much as I love looking like a ninja while running), I wanted a little color.

This picture does not do the brightness of this top any justice. You can probably see me coming from about a mile away when I run in this top. I saw it in the store first in black, my usual go to color, and fell in love. The material is so soft and warm that I knew I would love running in it. I also am obsessed with the fact that the neck can go up high enough to cover my nose. I have run in it a few times and am always sweating to death by the end, which I'm happy about because on freezing cold days I know it will really keep me warm.

Another purchase, also Under Armour, was the basic long sleeve top they have. I bought two, one crew neck and one mock turtleneck.

Hard to tell in the light but this is coral

Paul got bored of me writing this and wanted to join in for picture time, I know we're ridiculous

The main question was will I like the turtleneck or crew neck better. I've run in both so far and have found the mock turtleneck to be a little longer on me (and we all know my obsession with long tops) so I may have found a winner in that area. As an added bonus both tops were $10 off making them both only $35. I am aware $35 is still a lot to pay for something you sweat in, but they are much cheaper than any of my lulu tops and I know will keep me warm. Yes I am justifying here but whatever. 

I bought a nice new Under Armour headband to keep my ears warm too when I run outside now. I hate wearing hat's because of my ponytail, and my ears are really the only thing that get cold anyways. Also all these pictures were taken pre-hair dying so that's why it looks the same (and ridiculous).

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

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