Monday, December 5, 2011

You never regret going for a run

I got home from work yesterday to find the best surprise ever!

On "cyber Monday" K-Swiss had an awesome deal of buy one pair of shoes and get the other pair free!!! Can I stress the word FREE a little more! I already run in K-Swiss shoes and was looking to get a new pair so this deal was perfect! My first run in them will be tomorrow morning and I can't wait.

I plan to change my running schedule a little to not only work with my distance, but also my speed. Three runs a week I want to work on running in general and distance, and then once weekly a run to work on speed. Hopefully this will help with my running over all. It is great for weight loss..(which is awesome in general)...but even better because Paul and I decided to start biggest loser again. Last time we did this, well I stopped and he lost 40 pounds. We haven't decided on a final prize for the winner yet, so let me know if you have ideas! It runs from now until right before the DC race in March.

Running has actually been going well for me lately...I know shocker right? Nobody is more surprised than I am. I was a little worried as the weather got colder if I would still be able to improve my running. The key I have found right now is that my schedule works perfectly for me. My two mornings during a week, (my jobs awesome and lets me go in late), I automatically get up early for a run. Then Saturday and Sunday I run as well.  I can't say I'm always thrilled to get out there and run, but I am getting better about this. I'm lucky to have the bf to help me with help me I mean continue to bug me and nag until I get off my ass and put my sneakers on, but still it gets me moving.

I found a quote the other day that I could not relate to more. This girl has an awesome blog and posted something along the lines of "You never regret going for a run" which is 100% true. I have not once gone out running and thought after, "Damn, shouldn't of done that!" It always is "So happy I got out there and ran!" On the days that I don't totally feel like running, and the bf isn't there too push me, I need to remind myself of that to get myself moving.

Happy Tuesday! ...but really it's only Tuesday?

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