Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday week

How was everyone's weekend?! Friday kicked off my early birthday week celebration! Paul and I went to the mall after work to look at a couple things. This turned into Amy's birthday present time, which was a mini shopping spree at lululemon! Best birthday present ever :) I was totally spoiled and loved it! I got a new pair of pants, a long sleeve top, and a zip up. All of these I'm 100% obsessed with and would love to wear them all 24/7...not kidding, I asked if I could wear them to a Christmas party I was going to, Paul advised against it haha. After my mini shopping spree, we headed to Friday's for my birthday dinner! So delicious.

Saturday was a running day for me. Huge accomplishment for running on Saturday that I'll post about tomorrow. After that Paul and I headed into the city for part 2 of my birthday present! Every year I try and get into the city to see the decorations, tree, and etc. It was a great time, even though it was freezing. It was also Santacon this Saturday so the city was nuts. For those of you unfamiliar with Santacon, a couple thousand people walk around the city in a pub crawl dressed as Santa. It's pretty hysterical to say the least.

The Tree! 

Yay! Perfect Christmas card picture if I were to send out Christmas cards

This is also the first official picture of me with the brown hair on here! Yay! Here's another for you. 

This was followed by some great chinese food and coldstone so delicious! Then it was early to bed for me because I had work the next morning and was exhausted!

The weekend ended with a Christmas party at my aunt and uncles house that was a lot of fun. I also got a surprise Christmas present before the party from Paul! I know I was so spoiled all weekend. :) New digital camera for me! 

It's awesome and I'm obsessed already! 

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend, and I promise more running posts tomorrow! 

Happy Monday everyone!

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