Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm a pretty big fan of my birthday, not that I usually do anything too over the top. As long as I have a cupcake at some point, I usually consider it a successful birthday.

23 was a big year for me, although most of them lately have seemed like big years for me. I may or may not have had to go back through my facebook timeline to remember everything about this year for me as judgement. So here are the highlights of my birthday year!

 First was Christmas!

Which was immediately followed by VEGAS!

  New York New York Hotel we stayed in!
 Love this quote! 

February meant many Hockey games and also seeing one of my best friends!

This is also around the time I started training for the 1/2 marathon!

I cut 6 1/2 inches off my hair, yes this was one of the most exciting parts of March

I also got my new iPhone! Again yes this is one of the more exciting parts of my life...don't laugh its true.

Beginning of May I visited my brother in Arizona!

Then I ran the 1/2 marathon that there are no pictures with proof I was there. I promise though, I suffered through a miserable 13.1 miles. There is proof of a record online, just no pictures thankfully.

I spent most of June in the above location. Well actually I spent the most of June at work or traveling in the car, but when I had a free second I spent it here.

July was the big moving month!! Yay! After that July was a little crazy!

My brother and I surprised my mom at Cape Cod for her birthday!

I went on multiple job interviews and etc. That was well, not fun at all.

Then I went to a wedding with Paul, and managed to get myself a job. I know craziness!

August was filled with more race craziness and starting the new job. Oh and then a hurricane happened.

First Triathlon complete!

Awesome medal right?!

Yankee Stadium 5k!

I was back in MA too for a long weekend to see my Dad and Step mom!

September was a little slower...a little. I started to get into work and start of travel season. I did manage to do a triathlon, sort of.

October is almost a complete blur. I traveled 24/7 for work, including the weekends. For the Saturday's I was not working I was watching one of Paul's many races. This did mean I got to go to one of my favorite places, Rhode Island!

 Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn! 

 Newport, RI! 

The 1/2 marathon medal was awesome.

This was right around the time I got myself back in gear and started running again! Yay! 

November finished up a crazy travel season with work, followed up by an Open House for the College. I volunteered at the NYC Marathon in Nov as well!

Then of course the wedding!! 

Yay they're married! 

Of course this was followed by Thanksgiving in Rhode Island, some more work, and some more running!

As you all know the birthday year ended with a trip into the city to see the Christmas decorations! 

So that was my last year in a nutshell! The birthday plans are to have a nice choc chip pancake breakfast with some starbucks, I know not healthy but whatever it's my birthday and I'll eat fattening pancakes if I want to! Then of course go for a run to not actually feel bad about the pancake breakfast. Tonight is The Nutcracker with Paul!

So here is to myself on my 24th birthday, wishing myself all the happiness of last year and so much more :)

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