Friday, December 9, 2011

K-Swiss BOGO

Now that you know just about everything about my running wardrobe, on to the more important business of shoes! I run in K-Swiss and I LOVE them.

Current Shoes (Keahou II's) 

I tried K-Swiss over the summer after I heard from a few people that they were a good choice for running. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these shoes and how I never once had any problems with them. I went with the Keahou II's from the start because while they were still nice running shoes, they weren't as expensive as a few of the other K-Swiss options. I got them at Dick's Sporting Good store too, and with coupons, ended up only paying about $80 for them.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, K-Swiss had a buy one get one deal for their shoes..AMAZING! I got two pairs, one were another pair of Keahou II's because I liked them so much, another was a new type I wanted to try, K-Ona's.
New Keahou II's

New K-Ona's 

For the two pairs of shoes I paid $110, with free shipping! That is $55 per pair, INSANE for running shoes. I am so excited for them! I decided to try the K-Ona's first to see if I love them as much as the Keahou II's. I have run in them twice so far, and while I am still breaking them in, I think they are going to be great! There is also a pair (California's) that I have heard great things and plan to try next!

 They are so bright I love it!

You can't totally see them, but new shoes!

If you are in the process of looking for new running shoes, I highly suggest you check out K-Swiss....and no they didn't give me anything for doing this post, I just love K-Swiss!

Finally Friday! I will be spending it seeing the Christmas decorations around NYC, working, and at a Christmas party. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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