Monday, December 26, 2011

Boston Weekend

Boston/Christmas weekend was great! The night before I left I was doing some baking. Usually I'm not a big fan of putting any effort into making anything in the kitchen, but I wanted peppermint bark. I used Ghiradelli white and milk chocolate as well as 40 mini candy canes to make it.

It turned out pretty delicious if I do say so myself.  I also attempted to make Santa Hat Cupcakes. We won't discuss my first few batches of cupcake that didn't work for various reasons...most reasons I will however point out were not really my fault. Eventually the cupcakes were finished as well and turned out pretty great.

 Got a little help on these from the mom and brother at home!

I got home midday on Christmas Eve and went to one of my favorite places in Danvers. Supremes! Best chicken fingers and french fries ever! :) If you ever find yourself in Danvers, MA...go find it.

After that I had a little last minute Christmas shopping to do. Every year we do a Yankee Swap on Christmas Eve with the whole family. My mom, brother, and myself hadn't bought anything for the swap though, which resulted in me running out to target about 2 hours before the festivities. With my $20 limit a piece, along with it being Christmas eve, and Target, I think I did pretty well. I also purchased 3 things that I would enjoy if I pulled them.

Yoga mat!

Iced tea maker! Love!

Drinker shaker and glasses

Then it was off to Christmas Eve with the family. The night was full of delicious food and good times with the family.

My (newly married) cousin and I...I know we don't look related at all!

I ended up pulling the drink shaker and glasses, but ended up trading them for the iced tea maker! I already had a drink shaker and love iced tea, so this was an obvious answer.

Christmas Day was filled with present opening in the morning! I received many things but the following were my favorite:

Nike + from my brother

Kate Spade iPhone case! It says "Have Courage" inside. In love with it! Also from the brother

 Lulu Running tank top from my mom!

Long Sleeve Lulu top from my mom! Love the color too :) 
Another long sleeve Lulu top from my mom!

I also got some great stocking items, scarf/mittens from JCrew, and a book from my favorite author! Yes I was spoiled :)

My mom made my brother and I pancakes (chocolate chip for me), before getting ready and heading over to my grandfathers house for the afternoon/night. More good times and good food with the family.

Monday was filled with running errands around town, and the mall (horrible decision), followed by dinner with my bff Carolyn! Bertuccis (aka one of my favorite restaurants) was slammed, so the food took forever to get which was actually nice cause it gave her and I extra time to catch up!

Tuesday morning I was up bright and early to head back to NY. Dunk's pit stop, as well as cashing in some scratch tickets ($65 thank you very much!), then I was on my way. I was so happy to go back to Boston and see the family and friends that I miss so much, but I actually missed NY a little. I know craziness, this place is starting to grow on me? Is that possible?

Hope you all had a great Wednesday! I'm enjoying my week off from work, and will update you on my new work outs tomorrow! 

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