Thursday, January 19, 2012

The last pieces of the DC plan

You all may have noticed a lack of running in my weekend recap. I am one of those people that hates cold. I mean full on hatred of it. So far the winter hadn't been bad at all. 40 degrees? Sure I'll go run! 10 degrees? Sure I'll go sit on the couch in sweatpants! I knew the cold was going to be a problem with my half marathon training. Luckily, I've been able to run outside for a while now without issue. This last weekend though was a problem for me. It was freezing out, and some ice as well. I don't deal well with ice either.

I told myself I would just power through the winter months and be fine. After this past weekend though I can tell that wont happen. I know myself well enough that if running outside in the cold is my only option, no running will get done. I decided instead of continuing to be in denial and saying I'll run even if it's freezing, I'd join a gym. I know this is a simple answer for most people, however it took me a little while to actually decide I wanted to do this. For starters, I don't want to pay basically anything to go to the gym. This is for multiple reasons, the main one being I'm poor. Another problem is I only want to go for a few months when it is cold out. When March or April comes and it is warmer out, I will have no need for the gym anymore. This clearly means I don't want a contract for a gym. And lastly, I have the tendency to split my weekends between Westchester and Long Island. Some weekends I will be in one place, some weekends another. It would be nice if I could workout in a gym in both places.

I know, I seem a little needy, ok... a lot needy. I did find a gym that fits almost all of my ridiculous needs though. Planet Fitness works perfectly for me. It is all of maybe 10 minutes from me and I have two plan options. One plan is $10 a month (win!), no contract (win), but I can only use it in one location. The other plan is $20 a month (still a win), contract for a year(fail), but I can use it anywhere I want and bring a guest whenever I want (double win!). I haven't decided which exact plan I will choose, but Saturday morning I am signing up for one of them.

Currently I'm leaning toward the $10, no contract membership. It seems to make the most sense for me now. On weekends, it doesn't really matter where I am cause I can wait to go later in the day when it is a little warmer. Weekdays, I'll almost always be in Westchester. I need to be sure I can get up early in the morning and go to the gym to run at least two days a week. Then once it starts to get warmer out I will be able to stop the membership and run outside again!

So there it is, the rest of my plan for DC! I am in Massachusetts for the day today, work related, but back to New York tonight!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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