Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things I learned on a snowy day

Yesterday was the first real snow NY has gotten this season, well unless you count the weird storm on Halloween. From this snow storm I learned many things...

1. My car is not built for snow, at all. My brakes don't like it and don't understand how to work in it.

2. It can cost $132 to send something from NY to Colorado over night...true story

3. People at Planet Fitness will still judge and look at you like you're insane because you drove to the gym while it was snowing.

4. The grocery store is just as busy after a snow storm as it is the day before a snow storm.

5. Dunkin donuts coffee can make my day 100% better.

6. I no longer am a fan of snow.

Luckily it's not snowing today so I'm pretty happy. I joined Planet Fitness yesterday and went with the no contract plan. I got a free shirt (sweet!) and a place to run when it's snowy/cold. I'm pretty excited about it and think this will work out best for me. I'm already back on track with my training plan. I ran 5 miles yesterday, slow, but still I got it done.

I also bought a new yoga mat the other day :) It's from lululemon, of course. So much better for at home pilates! It also will be nice for my morning stretching. I am slowly getting better at the stretching, again slowly being the key word.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Happy Sunday!

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