Saturday, January 14, 2012

Slow and steady...

That is a pretty good description of how 1/2 marathon training is going. I liked my plan, mostly because it had the amount of running in I needed while fitting with my life/work schedule. Unfortunately in the always changing world, my schedule did shift a little this week. I realized this could easily happen and have chosen to stand by the training plan best I can, but change it when needed. At the end of the week as long as I get all my schedule runs/workouts in, it doesn't really matter which day I do them.

I started doing pilates again this week, as it was part of my resolutions for the year. Instead of taking a class, I was able to easily do it at home after work. I of course loved it, and forgot just how much of a workout it can be. The inspiration board is really helping every day. When I get home from work and am tired, instead of changing into pj's, I see the board and quickly change into workout clothes. That was exactly what I was hoping for out of that board. My stretching every morning resolution is slowly coming along as well. The mornings I have time...aka drag my ass out of bed sooner... I stretch for about 15 minutes.

Lots of fun plans for the weekend, including running of course. I love having a long weekend as well, extra bonus day to run and relax.  :) I am off for a run now. I tried to wait as long as I could for it to warm up before I headed out!

Happy Saturday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

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