Friday, January 6, 2012

A series of unfortunate events

Happy Friday guys! Sorry I've been so MIA for the week. I do have (slightly) good reason for it. After getting ready to start the New Year off right, a series of unfortunate events happened on Tuesday morning. First I had to go back to work. Ok this isn't really unfortunate, or a rare event, but keep in mind I've had a week and a half off. It was a week and a half of sleeping in late...waking up with the dog at 7 am and falling back asleep for 3 hours... A week of not stressing about anything work related either. My 7 am wake up call on Tuesday morning, without being able to go back to sleep for 3 hours, was unfortunate.

Event number two happened immediately after I woke up Tuesday morning. I had a stinging feeling (yes that is my best description) right under my left eye. For those of you that have read the "ridiculous details of Amy's life also known as About Amy," you are aware I have a fear of all things related to eyes. I was a little nervous, but brushed it off that it would go away. (Sneak peak of what's to didn't go away.) I slowly got ready and forgot to stretch. Unfortunate event number 3. I knew at some point I would break my "resolution" and was not crazy to think I would actually go a whole year stretching every morning. Unfortunate event number 4 occurred when I stepped out side. It was actually winter out, at around 15 degrees. I had been so spoiled by 40 degree and 50 degree weather up until then and froze when I went out.

I went on with my unfortunate Tuesday, my eye did in fact get worse, and no running occurred for Tuesday. The week happened to go on like this. The eye thing is annoying, but almost gone. I'm mostly just happy that I don't have to have anything drained and etc. Nobody needs to put anything near my eye! I had no days to go into work late this week, it was a 4 day work week after all, so no running happened. I will be running tomorrow and Sunday to get myself back in the mode.

I have an updated training plan coming tomorrow, oh that would be training for the Rock n Roll DC 1/2 Marathon that I officially am registered for!

Hope you all enjoy your Friday!

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